Furniture for events

Design, comfort and functionality

  • Different kind of furnitures: Tables, Chairs, Gardening Furniture, Hotel Elements, Production-Oriented Material ….
  • Services:  Rental/Sale, Assembly, Disassembly, Reports, Certificates.
  • Sectors: Social Events, Television, Fairs and Shows, Festivals, Exhibitions, Conferences and Conventions, Weddings, Celebrations…
  • Complements: Canopies, tired seating, stages , platforms…
  • 2017 outstanding projects: Bilbao Concierto Isabel Pantoja, Getxo Campeonato Euskadi Ajedrez, Getxo Folk, Getxo Jazz, Bilbao Velada Boxeo, Leioa Txakolieber, Bermeo Arrantzaleen Eguna, Gueñes Desfile Vestidos Papel, Gordexola San Cosme


Tiered seating

Access & Media & TV


Barriers & Signalling


Call us! We advice you in the assemblies for your events