Festivals & Music

  • Type of event: Festivals, Great Concerts, Great parties.

  • Space Design through the development of the technical project (plans and advice), Reports, Certificates

  • Product: Stages, Floorboards, tiered-seating, dressing rooms, Backstage, Backstorage, Rest Room, Furniture, Sound and Control Towers, FOH, Covered wires, Avalanche fences, canopies, walkways, enclosing fences, The arched entrance to the Venue.  


  • 2017 Outsanding projects: Sondika BBK Music Legend Fest, Getxo Folk, Getxo Jazz, Bilbao BBK Live, Aste Nagusia, San Mames Guns & Roses, Festival Laredo Suena, Bilbao Eitb festa, Getxo Music & Food, festival de la Montaña Riaño


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Festivals & Music

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